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TDK Created | May 13th, 2022 2:42am


The following is a list of members who have since became inactive/left TDK after having a major impact on it or who have since died and had any positive-impact on TDK. Most members are likely just inactive, we will have to see though.

Dead Members

No known dead major-members yet (luckily)


IAMMICHAEL (archived)
Very good friend of mine, disappeared around April 30th tho was semi-inactive before then. Some rules I noticed he got for several months before now pretty much prevented him from using his DSi except on weekends and technically he isn't supposed to have access to Paint at all. Odds are, he got caught on his DSi while trying to use Paint or got his DSi taken away for some reason. I will attempt to investigate further before confirming this, though I don't really have contact with him through anything else. I have his face, maybe I could find his name and see if he has something like an active Facebook account. Otherwise, don't have much to work with. I could try his Snapchat to see if it still works if I get that desperate, but idk. Will note he was on Black Dragon many times for the past few months, but he never responded to DMs or msgs like he normally would and dood438 seemingly hacked his account and got it banned too because he's a faggot. He hacked the account, tried to get me to unblock him, then his main got banned. Not sure if he abused IAMMICHAEL's account or what, but either way he seems to be banned from Black Dragon now whether temporarily or permanently with no way to get it back assuming that was him to begin with.

theanonymousone (archived)
Paint friend of mine who got caught stealing 5 boxes of Mountain-Dew with 6 per box (30 total). Not much, he probably would be out of jail by now if that would even be jail-worthy and not just a fine. However, I don't know what country he was in so it becomes harder to decide because another country might be more strict than the US on stuff like that. I will give screenshots of what I have below though.

Nothing Happened To theanonymousone Allegedly

Luckily, I have might have his full-name because of his signature containing that here, as a result I could probably find him with enough effort. I would prefer you avoid trying to find him yourselves even if its for good intent, just don't. Let me do that work, I feel like I might've heard the name before anyways but I'm not 100% sure (might be another "Thompson" I know or something that sounds similar).

Quit TDK/Banned From TDK

No major members yet.


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