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TDK Website Redesign + 3DSPaint Termination Issues

Addressing the 3DSPaint termination (and constant un-bannings then re-bannings) + the website redesign along with the future of TDK due to 3DSPaint terminations.
Hello TDK, this is our first blog-entry on the website. After months of procrastination, I've decided to actually do it and make this the main update system. From now on, updates will be mass-delivered in singular blog-posts. If a link disappears, we likely just put it in a yearly archive which is very rare due to the fact it fucks with blog links. We may try to do a re-direct for archived blogs so it can display everything on one page and whenever u load the page it'll still work (JavaScript maybe?).

Whatever though, lets get to the new changes that are happening to TDK along with address some controversy along with the future of TDK. This blog will be a little long so I'm breaking it up into sections.

TDK Site Changes/Other Additions

Website Redesign
The website has finally been redesigned. This took way longer than it should've honestly. Probably could've finished it sooner, but whatever it is officially here at last.

Telegram Channel Creation
We officially have a Telegram channel. It should be shortly added to TDK's links assuming it hasn't already been added by the time you are reading this. The first TDK Telegram announcement happens to have already been posted too, feel free to read it if you want lol.

TDK Guilded Server Changes
There is now a starter general for TDK's Guilded server which helps filter out spammers as we get a chance to see how they act before we allow them in unless they spam a lot more than the average member ever would. Pretty nice, I will continue to use this for the server. Also, theres just been more overall server changes such as with channels and forum archives. Get to Rank X for the cool stuff lol :]

TDK/Venith now have a Twitter account, however we might just get rid of it and just use the blog site from now on for updates to TDK.

3DSPaint Terminations

So recently I've had to deal with an admin (most likely Star Shadow) who keeps banning my account. Star Shadow terminated my account, HullBreach reinstated my account, then Star Shadow re-terminated my account.

Due to these terminations, both DC Empire and TDK Community are at risk of deletion after 2-3 days of being terminated. This is complete fucking bullshit, you know you're just falsely terminating me at this point Faggot Shadow. Might as well admit it, you look retarded right now.

We should be fine assuming HullBreach at least unbans me tomorrow (yes, even if another admin re-bans me because that resets the timer at least). If I'm not unbanned by tomorrow there is great risk of me losing the groups, if we do then Paint will have an all-out war. TDK will win, SDK admins will fall. I can make alts for years so don't even try admins, I will win eventually. Even if it takes a lot of effort to do, TDK will come out on top as we always have.

End of Blog Post

Well thats basically the end of the blog post. Thanks for reading, please expect some delay on things while I sort out the future of TDK on 3DSPaint. Otherwise, things should continue as normal or better than before. This won't take long to do luckily, but I will have to see.


It was a 1w ban for 3DSPaint, groups were protected via periodic banning and unban of my account. Yay

Created July 8th, 2023.
Last updated August 9th, 2023 at 8:23PM (last non "EDIT:" update July 9th, 2023)
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